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Manufactured by SITREX in Italy.

Standard equipment on all models listed below:

  • Cat I 3pt hitch
  • Side chain drive in oil bath
  • 6 Blades per flange
  • Slip clutch on PTO shaft
Model HP Working width Total width  # of blades Dig depth Price

RH4-125G (only 3 left)

15-40 50" 54" 36 6"

$ 3,150.00

$ 2,100.00

RH6-165G (only 3 left)

25-50 66" 70" 48 7"

$ 4,335.00

$ 2,775.00


NEW / NEVER USED ( 1 year warranty )



Cat I Quick Hitch

List price $ 275.00

Special price $ 150.00

Sicma Forklift Model FL20E.42.3 FEM (Made in Italy)

Suitable for medium and high power tractors, they have two hydraulic side cylinders for maximum visibility. 3 way control; lift, tilt & side shift.

Model A B C D E Max. Capacity
FL20E42.3FEM 42" 30" 158" 18" 168" 4,400 Lbs


List $11,865.00

Clearance $7,500.00

The AGREX MAXI fertilizer spreaders have been designed to respond to the requirements of professional operators for the distribution of fertilizers on large extensions of land. They are equipped with a tank having a high loading autonomy which guarantees a daily working performance of several hectares. The bearing frame, of solid construction, allows for speeds of up to 40 km/h. The distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel. The bottom of the hopper consists of a rubber conveyor belt which guarantees near to total uniformity in that the forward movement of the tractor is controlled by a volumetric wheel which hydraulically rests on the large wheel of the fertilizer spreader. The MAXI fertilizer spreaders are equipped with a universal diffusion system for the distribution of slightly damp products, inert organic fertilizers up to 15 meters and mineral fertilizers up to a 24 meter spreading width. The large resting surface area of the tires reduces pressure on the ground, even in particularly critical conditions.

  • Manual flow regulation
  • Hydraulic opening/closing of fertilizer flow
  • Standard filtering grids
  • PTO shaft
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Stainless steel spreading discs
  • Stainless steel vanes for spreading up to 24 m
MAXI 10000 8500 L, 10 Tonne capacity spreader 12-28 m (39' - 92') 10,000 kg 550/45-22.5 19'7"x7'8"x8'3" 5,950 lbs
MAXI 12000 10,5000L ,12 Tonne capacity sprader 12-28 m (39' - 92') 12,000 kg 550/45-22.5 19'7"x7'8"x8'3" 6,280 lbs

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