The Cosmo P/PL Series fertilizer/salt/sand spreader is designed and constructed to allow the distribution of granular fertilizer and seeds in the field. Painted conical hopper spreader equipped with four fins spreading disc, reinforced gear box, bolts & nuts for spreading salt and sand. Spreader is constructed with a lateral exit vane distribution system to ensure better spreading of seeds or fertilizer. Constructed of steel and baked with an epoxy varnish, this broadcast spreader is resistant to damage and corrosion.

  • Cat I., 3pt hitch
  • Steel disc and fins
  • Long opening lever
  • Reinforced gear box
  • Two lateral discharge exits with galvanized shutters
  • Primer and two components polyuretane finish
  • Bolts & nuts in stainless steel
  • Spread width: 8 to 14m (26' to 46')
  • PTO shaft included
  • P500 is also available as PL500 in plastic poly hopper

   Optional Accessories: Agitator / Hydraulic opening / Salt and Sand Deflector Kit / Hopper Cover / Safety shield / Long Levers Kit / Chain Agitator.

P180 165L spreader, 5.8 cu ft, 470 Lb capacity 119 Lbs
P250 235L spreader, 8.3 cu ft, 628 Lb capacity 123 Lbs
P300 260L spreader, 9.5 cu ft, 739 Lb capacity 128 Lbs
P400 295L spreader, 10.5 cu ft, 853 Lb capacity 132 Lbs
P500 385L spreader, 13.6 cu ft, 992 Lb capacity 139 Lbs
PL500 385L spreader,13.6 cu ft, 992 Lb capacity, Poly Hopper 139 Lbs

Minimum horse power required - 20 HP

      The COSMO PTB Series fertilizer spreaders are a wide wheel based tow-type spreader with a squat hopper that makes loading easy. It has been designed to spread a range of fertilizer (pilled, granular or powdered) and seed (between 6 and 16m) without the need of a PTO. The spinner disc is powered by the large floatation tires while the gearbox has been designed so the operator can disconnect the disc (stop it spinning) when they are in transit and not spreading. Spreader twin exits allow the operator to customise the spread pattern (left, right or full coverage). It comes with a 1 7/8" ball hitch allowing it to be connected to a range of machines (ATV, RTV, tractor and/or car).

  • Pull Type
  • Single disk spreader
  • Steel hopper
  • 1 7/8" ball hitch
  • Remote control cable
  • 20x10-8" tires
  • Spread width: granular - 32'-52', crystaline - 26'-29'

    Optional accessories: Chain agitator for salt and sand / Salt and sand Deflector kit / Hopper cover

PTB560 336L spreader, 11.8 cu ft, 1.058 Lbs capacity 30 HP 306 Lbs


The Cosmo PDV / PDHV Series fertilizer spreaders are quality 3 point hitch spreaders with squared fibreglass hopper with high resistance and pendulum spreading system. They are ideal for spreading fertilizer (pilled, granular or powder), seed or other granular products on golf courses, sports fields and grounds, as well as in many horticulture and municipal applications. Unlike single disc spreaders that can be inconsistent in the amount of fertilizer they discharge, the COSMO Pendulum Spreaders come with a slide ruler and dosing rod. This allows the operator to calibrate the amount and type of fertilizer with the operating speed of the tractor. By calibrating the implement the operator can be assured that a predetermined amount of material (kg) will be discharged per acre. The pendular spreader has a manual adjusting gear box to allow a spreading width from 27 to 50 feet. The hopper is constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic to resist damage and corrosion. PTO driven, the fertilizer spreader is constructed with a sturdy steel frame that is paint coated for protection. 

  • Cat I & 2, 3pt hitch
  • Pendulum spreading system
  • Fibreglass hopper
  • Strong reinforced frame
  • Manual opening system
  • New generation flywheel (1:1 ratio) with a key adjustment
  • 540 RPM required

   Optional Accessories: Salt and sand stainless steel spout / Hydraulic opening kit 

PDV600 580L spreader, 20 cu ft, 1.323 Lbs capacity 313 Lbs 23-50 ft 30 HP
PDHV1000 1050L spreader, 37 cu ft, 2.293 Lbs capacity 293 Lbs
PDHV1250 1250L spreader, 44 cu ft, 2.734 Lbs capacity 430 Lbs

The Cosmo NX Series are squared hopper professional fertilizer spreaders with two discs equipped with two fins, with a large hopper capacity, designed to spread a range of fertilizer (pilled, granular or powder) over a wide width (up to 24m). It provides the operator with a very accurate and uniformed spread due to the slow rotating agitators (that minimizes powdering and damage to fertilizer) and the adjustable vanes on the stainless steel spinner discs.This spreader is equipped with low-pace agitators to avoid heating-up or breaking of fertilizer during the flow to the exits.

  • Cat 2 & 3, 3pt hitch
  • Heavy-duty rectangular hopper
  • Dual disk spreader
  • Low pace agitator
  • Powder coated
  • Stainless steel dosing plate
  • Hydraulic opening
  • Hopper grid
NX1900 4240 Lbs 772 Lbs 40-80 ft 65


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