Bomford's range of Arm Mowers provides a vast choice in both specification and budget. Starting from the smallest compact tractor to large watercourse management models, there is a model for every landscape. Machines are built to the highest standards in our UK factory with the utmost care and attention given to ease of control and operator comfort. All Bomford manufactured machines are powder coated to ensure maximum durability of the exterior finish that matches its inner strength, to give long machine life and reduced overall operating cost to the user. The Bomford design team has over 200 years of collective experience.

   The Microklippa is very popular with estate managers and horticulturists who admire the Microklippa's fine cutting capabilities when hedge trimming and the versatility of the right or left hand cutting. The Microklippa can be used on a range of power units from small compact tractors to small pivot steer loaders, in conjunction with a front mount kit. Tractor minimum requirements: 15hp and 1213lbs.

   Key Features: 3.2 or 3.5m reach / left or right hand cutting (swing over capability) / cable or electric control / rear mount / 3pt.hitch / 1.5m cutterbar / auto swingover latch.

   Compact yet powerful, the Wren is the latest addition to the range of arm mowers from Bomford Turner and offers an excellent entry-level solution to your landscaping maintenance needs. Fitted with twin pumps and fully independent hydraulics, the Wren can operate a range of different attachments.Tractor minimum requiremets: 15hp and 1764lbs.

   Key Features: 3.0m or 3.5m reach / left or right cutting option / cable control / front or rear mount option / mechanical gravity breakout system / 0.6m flailhead / 1.2m or 1.5m cutterbar option / fully independent hydraulics .

   The Robin is a professional compact Arm mower - perfect for amenity and estate use and also a firm favourite with small farmers as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as some of our larger models. The Robin has many variants, and is available as front mount, along with small wheel loader and skid steer options. Tractor minimum requirements: 30hp and 2866lbs(for 3.4m) or 4409lbs(for 4.3m).

   Key features: 3.4m or 4.3m reach / parallel linkage as standard / hydraulic breakout on second arm standard / end drive cutting head or cutter bar / cable or electric control / front mount option / low friction cable control / independent hydraulics / flailhead or cutting bar options.

   The Raven is a rear mounted Arm mower designed to meet the demands of smaller agricultural, horticultural, landscape & amenity customers. The rugged design ensures excellent performance for a small, compact machine and is suitable for any tractor over 40HP. With a choice of 4.0m or 4.7m reach, and the familiar cable lever control the Raven can also be fitted with the popular LPH “Low Pressure Hydraulic” Joystick, which gives proportional control of the arm and switch control of the head angle. Arm float functions are available via buttons on the rear of the stick allowing ultimate control when operating the machinery, whether hedge cutting or verge mowing. Tractor minimum requirements: 45hp and 3968lbs (for 4.0m) or 4409lbs (for 4.7m).

   Key features: direct drive cutting head or cutter bar / rear mount / cable control (with low pressure hydraulics optional) / electronic control optional / tubular 3pt.linkage / choice of flails / independent hydraulics / gravity breakout protection / head angle float / cab guard kit.

   The Kestrel Evo 'S' has been designed to provide significant reach for farmers who need to keep weight in mind whilst retaining the versatile features of a more expensive machine. These features include integral road lighting, tubular 3 point linkage and power slew with hydraulic breakout. Tractor minimum requirements: 50hp and 6614lbs (for 5.0m) or 7716lbs (for 5.7m).

   Key features: rear mount / three point linkage / cable control (low pressure hydraulics optional) / cable rotor reverse / independent hydraulics / power slew / hydraulic breakout / road lights / cab guard kit / parallel arm option / frount mount option / choice of flails, heads and cutter bars / forward arm option.

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