The Cosmo PDV / PDHV Series fertiliser spreaders are quality 3 point hitch spreaders with squared fiberglass hopper with high resistence and pendulum spreading system. They are ideal for spreading fertiliser (pilled, granular or powder), seed or other granular products on golf courses, sports fields and grounds, as well as in many horticulture and municipal applications. Unlike single disc spreaders that can be inconsistent in the amount of fertiliser they discharge, the COSMO Pendulum Spreaders come with a slide ruler and dosing rod. This allows the operator to calibrate the amount and type of fertiliser with the operating speed of the tractor. By calibrating the implement the operator can be assured that a predetermined amount of material (kg) will be discharged per acre. The pendular spreader has a manual adjusting gear box to allow a spreading width from 27 to 50 feet. The hopper is constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic to resist damage and corrosion. PTO driven, the fertilizer spreader is constructed with a sturdy steel frame that is paint coated for protection. 

  • Cat I & 2, 3pt hitch
  • Pendulum spreading system
  • Fiberglass hopper
  • Strong reinforced frame
  • Manual opening system
  • New generation flywheel (1:1 ratio) with a key adjustment
  • 540 RPM required

   Optional Accessories: Salt and sand stainless steel spout / Hydraulic opening kit 

PDV600 580L spreader, 20 cu ft, 1.323 Lbs capacity 313 Lbs 23-50 ft 30 HP
PDHV1000 1050L spreader, 37 cu ft, 2.293 Lbs capacity 293 Lbs
PDHV1250 1250L spreader, 44 cu ft, 2.734 Lbs capacity 430 Lbs


   The Cosmo RX Series are squared hopper professional fertilizer spreaders with two discs equipped with two fins, with a large hopper capacity, designed to spread a range of fertiliser (pilled, granular or powder) over a wide width (up to 24m). It provides the operator with a very accurate and uniformed spread due to the slow rotating agitators (that minimises powdering and damage to fertiliser) and the adjustable vanes on the stainless steel spinner discs.This spreader is equipped with low-pace agitators to avoid heating-up or breaking of fertilizer during the flow to the exits.

  • Cat 2 & 3, 3pt hitch
  • Heavy-duty rectangular hopper
  • Dual disk spreader
  • Low pace agitator
  • Powder coated
  • Stainless steel dosing plate
  • Hydraulic opening
  • Hopper grid
RX1100 2205 Lbs 683 Lbs 40-80 ft 65
RX1600 3584 Lbs 712 Lbs
RX1900 4240 Lbs 772 Lbs


   The BOGBALLE L-line fertilizer spreaders are perfect for small and medium sized farms. No matter the task, there is always an L-line model to fulfil your needs. L-line spreaders are fitted with hopper widths of 120 or 210 cm and contents from 500 to 2.050 litres. The spreaders are powder painted with a sturdy “Flexi Coat” finish after a thorough 7-step cleaning of each component before assembly. The spreading system and the hopper base are made of stainless steel. The application quantity is remotely controlled either by hydraulic, cable or calibrator icon.

  • Integrated normal and border spreading is standard on all models
  • Spreading vanes in manganese steel – 3 times longer durability compared to stainless steel
  • Maintenance free and water resistant slip clutch
  • Stepless scale and pointer position placed to be clearly visible from driver’s seat
  • Integrated hopper screens
  • Flexi Coat powder paint, 30 times more durable than traditional wet paint
  • Stainless steel discs and guards and hopper base with additional powder paint protection
  • Maintenance free transmission with reversible direction of rotation
  • One set of discs can be used for all working widths
  • Cat II, 3pt hitch
  • Hydraulic remote control
  • Safety guard, mud guard
  • Hopper cover


L1 Base 1050L / 1155 Kg 10-18m 385Lbs


L1 Plus 1600 L / 1600 Kg 10-18 m 604 Lbs
L2 Plus 2010 L / 2000 Kg 10-24 m 805 Lbs


   The Bogballe M-Line represent a range of fertilizer spreaders with focus on high quality and finish, maximum spreading precision and optimum ease of use. The product range includes spreaders with(W) and without weighing system. The M-Line offer ultimate flexibility where the hopper contents can be extended to match specific needs.

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   The AGREX FERTI / FERTI-S / FERTI-W fertilizer spreaders are directed at professional operators and at third-party contractors in view of their high performance in the distribution of fertilizers on large stretches of land. The standard hopper has a loading volume of 1500 liters which can be increased to 3200 liters by simply adding, at any given time, an extension. The spreading diagrams supplied with the machine, enable the operator to regulate the working width and the fertilizer load for a spreading width from 12 up to 36 m. The FERTI fertilizer spreaders allow for normal spreading, late spreading (which is indispensable when it is necessary to fertilize areas where crops reach an impressive height) and the spreading of edges.

   The FERTI-S fertilizer spreader has electronic computer system for data managment that allows totally automatic adjustment of the quantity of fertilizer to be spread regardless the speed of the tractor, thus avoiding waste of fertilizer in respect of the environment.This system can also be integrated with the GPS satellite devices.

   The FERTI-W fertilizer spreader has strong structured frame with integrated on-line weighing system that allows to gear automatically the opening of the dosing gates up to the speed of the tractor and the peculiarities of the fertilizer’s flow. 

  • Manual fertilizer flow regulation
  • Double acting hydraulic drive for flow regulation
  • Manual adjustment of drop point onto the disks
  • Standard filtering grids
  • PTO shaft
  • Inspection ladder
  • Stainless steel rear guard, hopper base
  • Stainless steel spreading discs with fast release
  • Quick adjustment long life vanes for spreading 12-24m
  • Mixers with slow rotation
  • Electric actuators for flow regulation ( Ferti-S and Ferti-W only)
  • Fertilizer unloading pipe (Ferti-S and Ferti-W only)
  • Mudguards (Ferti-S and Ferti-W only)


   The AGREX MAXI fertilizer spreaders have been designed to respond to the requirements of professional operators for the distribution of fertilizers on large extensions of land. They are equipped with a tank having a high loading autonomy which guarantees a daily working performance of several hectares. The bearing frame, of solid construction, allows for speeds of up to 40 km/h. The distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel. The bottom of the hopper consists of a rubber conveyor belt which guarantees near to total uniformity in that the forward movement of the tractor is controlled by a volumetric wheel which hydraulically rests on the large wheel of the fertilizer spreader. The MAXI fertilizer spreaders are equipped with a universal diffusion system for the distribution of slightly damp products, inert organic fertilizers up to 15 meters and mineral fertilizers up to a 24 meter spreading width. The large resting surface area of the tires reduces pressure on the ground, even in particularly critical conditions.

  • Manual flow regulation
  • Hydraulic opening/closing of fertilizer flow
  • Standard filtering grids
  • PTO shaft
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Stainless steel spreading discs
  • Stainless steel vanes for spreading up to 24 m
MAXI 10000 8500 L, 10 Tonne capacity spreader 12-28 m (39' - 92') 10,000 kg 550/45-22.5 19'7"x7'8"x8'3" 5,950 lbs
MAXI 12000 10,5000L ,12 Tonne capacity sprader 12-28 m (39' - 92') 12,000 kg 550/45-22.5 19'7"x7'8"x8'3" 6,280 lbs


   The AGREX KALKO  large capacity specialist lime spreader for spreading lime, minerals and fertilisers through twin discs or auger system and curtains. Capacity: 9,5 m³. Spreading width up to 16 m for dry lime, up to 12 m for wet lime. Powder coat painted steel hopper with load shedding baffles and inspection ladder, independent hydraulic circuit is driven by the PTO, suitable for 150hp tractors. Spreading computer is standard and includes electronic wheel speed, belt speed, gate height and disc/auger speed sensors. Computer controls belt, gate and disc/auger speed according to ground speed to spread the required rate per hectare.

Features: Independent hydraulic circuit / Varnished steel hopper / Hydraulic opening/closing of fertilizer flow  / Tail lights / Line holder  / Pneumatic brakes / Mudguards / Internal deflectors  / Chain harrows  / Steering rear axle  / Hydraulic augers 12 m (6 m x 2) on DC model only  / Discs for spreading lime up to 16 m  / Document holder  / Computer  / Wheel speed sensor  / Electrical wiring  / Hydraulic belt control / Belt speed sensor  / Hydraulic discs drive  / Disc speed sensor

KALKO-10000D Lime twin spreader with computer 9.5 20 000 11 350 764 284 277
KALKO-10000D ISO Lime twin spreader with ISOBUS system
KALKO-10000DC Lime twin spreader with computer, twin augers and pipe for lime pressure loading


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