F.lli Spedo company is specialized in the production of agricultural machinery. Since 1952 the company has always produced machines mainly for sowing, ridging and harvesting potatoes. Through the decades the F.lli Spedo company has dominated the international market as a reference point in the specific sector with a unique know-how on the market. 

   The Automatic Potato Planter SPA-T or “Baby” is a compact 3pt. hitch machine designed for small plots of land or terracing mountain. An adjustable coulter forms a furrow while a chain with cups settles the tuber to the desired depth. The planting distance (4 measures) can be changed easily and fast, by means of pinions. The 2 adjustable discs, allow to obtain a variable coverage. It comes as a SPA-T , 1 row automatic planter with metal hopper or as SPA-2T , 2 row automatic planter with plastic hoppers.

   The automatic potato planter SPA-D, designed for medium and big farms, permit a high-quality seeding in short time. The strong structure “with double frame“ allows to work on uneven terrain without causing any damage to the machine. The inclination of the belt allows it to work on hilly ground with medium slope and the element is equipped with an inspection window for cleaning. The hopper is equipped with a rubberized canvas, which prevent a massive loading of tubers on the belt. The belt is equipped with cups for tubers of a diameter from 30 to 50 mm. For lower diameter there is a plastic reduction to insert on the cup, optional. The superior pulley with small blades, supported by 2 compression springs, allows greater and continuous adherence to the conveyor belt by eliminating skidding which would cause failed areas of sowing. The new element 2016 is equipped with a device which allows to loosen the conveyor belt. This action facilitates the cleaning of the belt and prevents its tension when the machine is stopped (at the end of the season). The mechanical vibrator, situated behind the belt, gives a regular and constant vibration, that prevent the loading of more tubers on one cup. The discs (SPA-2/D) can be adjusted in several positions to get the best covering. They are equipped with a compression spring, that allows to work on strong soil. 

   Towed potato digger CPP-T with rear unloading that can be mounted on small tractors with three point linkage and power takeoff (PTO). Semi-towed potato digger mode. The machine is made up of a vibrating digging plowshare with adjustable digging depth that conveys the potatoes and the earth onto a vibrating sieve grid that separates the potatoes from the earth, thus depositing them on a single row. On all the points exposed to vibrations there are anti-vibrating rubber bushes that allow the machine stability while working. Its reduced dimensions make it possible to use the device on small ground plots, both planes and hills, and make it suitable for digging new potatoes.

   The CPP-MF and CPP-BD potato diggers with rear unloading that can be mounted on tractors equipped with three point linkage and power take off (PTO). The machines are built in the working dimensions of cm 60 for single row, cm 130 and 150 for two rows. The main points that allow a good operation on any planes or hills are:

  • digging plowshare made up of more interchangeable blades and 2 lateral grass-cutting discs
  • Protection and clogging kit made up of a transversal moving comb, located between the plowshare and the conveyor band that eases the earth introduction on the band, and of 2 mobile cleaners that prevent the weed-cutting discs and the conveyor band from clogging
  • Conveyor band made up of steel rods and supported by rubber rollers with bearings
  • Rear vibrating sieve that allows a better separation of potatoes from the earth (CPP-BD-130/S and CPP-BD-150/S only)

   RD1 3pt. hitch 1 row potato hiller with adjustable hill width, to be used with SPA-T baby compact planter.

   The TPA-VRD model vibro-digger with discs seed potatoes and other tubers, whole or cut bulbs. The distance between rows can be adjusted as well. Supplied with two, three or five elements. As an option vibro-digger can be supplied with fertilizer distributor.

   The Elevator Potato Digger JUNIOR has been designed to pick early and very delicate potatoes. The potato digger pickup consists of a system comprising: 3-blade share, a swinging feeler roller for adjusting the digging depth and grass-cutting discs. The elevator-sieving belt is large 600 mm. with features intercalated bars to avoid rolling and peeling. The selection platform consist of a large belt (850 mm.) divided on the lateral sides by 2 plates to allow sorting of potatoes. On the centre of the belt are conveyed the tubers and the dug up material (earth, stones, leaves etc.). The personnel, positioned on the either side of the table, manually sort the potatoes and transfer them to the lateral sides of the belt. The picked product is conveyed into containers (bags, crates, boxes) placed on special supports located to the rear of the machine.The 2 belts are hydraulically driven.

   The Spedo Elevator Potato Digger Senior Model SPRA 2/S DRR, unlike the Junior, is born of a series of market needs:

  • Minimizes the manpower;
  • Skipping a passage and bring the product directly to a storage warehouse by trailer;
  • Clearly, reducing consumption and digging times (3-5 ha/day)

   The digging head of the machine is totally independent and free to oscillate for a better adaption to the ground and is composed of two feeler rollers that regulate the digging depth, 2 haulm intake rollers and 2 grass cutting disks. A digging belt 165 cm wide vibrating by means of camshafts, transports the product on a defoliating conveyor of equal width that provides for the cleaning of the leaf part of the plant. Subsequently the product crosses a series of screw rollers (with variable opening) for discharge of small clods or crushed stones. Then the product is placed through another belt on a hydraulically adjustable cleaning hedgehog in inclination and in the speed to carry out a further final cleaning of the product. Finally, a lateral charger belt conveyor with a width of 1 mt conveys the product directly onto the trailer.

SPRA 2/S DRR 9'2" 35'3" 11' 13,890 lbs 108 hp 2-5 ha/day

The Checchi & Magli company was founded in 1976 in Budrio in the province of Bologna where the headquaters and 3 production plants are still present today. The company's core business consist of transplanter machines for vegetables and potato cultivation and harvesting machines, from which company is originated. 

   The SP 50V potato digger is mainly used for harvesting potatoes, but can also be used for garlic, onions, tubers and bulbs in general. The machine has front grasscutting discs with 40 cm diameter and adjustable height and a vibrating front ploughshare simplifying soil penetration and, after pre-sorting, conveys the product onto a sieve, depositing the clean product onto the ground on a single row behind the machine. The vibrating ploughshare makes the SP 50V particularly suitable for use on sandy soil or for digging new potatoes. Two depth wheels with adjustable height and rubber antivibration bushings in all points subject to vibration. It has a 54-cm working width; PTO shaft upon request. Approximate production up to 1.5 ha a day.

SP 50V 75W * 160L * 85H 20 352 1-3 km/h

   The SP 100 potato digger is mainly used for harvesting potatoes, but can also be used for garlic, onions, tubers and bulbs in general. The machine has a front vibration-free fitted ploughshare and two sieves that alternately oscillate, separating the product from the soil and laterally depositing the clean product onto the ground on a single row. The fitted ploughshare and front conveyor grass-cutting discs with 40 cm diameter and adjustable height enable the SP 100 to also operate on steep slopes, compact soil and with highly-developed leaf foliage crops. Two depth wheels with adjustable height and rubber antivibration bushings in all points subject to vibration complete the machine equipment. It has a 58-cm working width; cardan shaft upon request. Approximate production up to 1.5 ha a day.

SP 100 150W * 150L *  115H 25 600 1-3 km/h

   The vibroridger VR76 is suitable for cultivating the soil, ridging, furrowing as well as hoeing row crops such as potatoes, corn, sunflower, celery, sugar beet. All parts are independent from each other and easy to be moved on the frame, thus enabling working in variously spaced rows at the required depth. The space between rows can be adjusted by moving the parallelogram unit on the frame. The best working results are obtained with a forward speed approximately 5-10 km/h , depending on the type and condition of the soil.

VR76 (2 rows) 200W * 135L * 115H 20 330 5-10 km/h
VR76 (1 full row+two half rows) 200W * 135L * 115H 25 365 5-10 km/h

   Ideal for: Potato, Garlic and Onions

This semi-automatic planter F300L is driven by its own driving wheels, and has been designed for seeding potatoes and other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut. High planting output per hour, working method saving costs, and exceptional working precision make of this machine an excellent implement for mechanising potato planting, in fact it adjusts the seeding depth, the seeding frequency and the distance between rows. The F300L potato planter, available from one to four-rows models, is equipped with a large alveolar plate and with two rounded discs on each working element. The drive unit, with the respective quick- clutch gears, allows adjustment of seeding rate from 14 to 28 cm (6” - 11”). The F300L must be applied to three-point linkage of tractors or small tractors. Indicative production: 0,6 ha (1,48 ac)/a day each row.

F300L-1 1 150W * 135L * 120H 20 242
F300L-2 2 200W * 135L * 120H 25 365

   The semi-automatic transplanter FOX has been specifically designed far transplanting vegetables, flowers, nursery and tobacco seedlings with bare roots or peat balled roots with a conical, pyramidal or cubical shape. It is particularly recommended for transplanting leeks and onions. Fox guarantees uniform transplanting depth, perfectly upright positioning, constant distance between rows and between plants on the row and optimum ridging. Indicative production: 2000 plants per hour each row. The Fox transplanter is driven by its own tire driving wheels, and must be applied to a tractor equipped with universal three-point linkage. The machine, available from one to seven-rows models, allows to adjust the distance between rows. It is equipped with a distributor system of 10 grippers on disc which allows to change the distance between plants on the row from a minimum of 23 cm. to a maximum of 80 cm.

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