Sitrex has been very innovative in the haying machinery industry and today is among the top quality Italian manufacturers dominating the North American market.The company specialized in hay-equipment and export is 98% of today's production. Products are exported to more than 60 countries.The company is excellent at engineering, offers new and improved products every year.The line of machines include machines from grass cutting to harvesting, raking, baling and mixer feeders.

   The Sitrex HM300D is most complete universal haymaker for crops. Excellent job in spreading, tedding or windrowing. High rate performance, very simple operation and sturdy construction. HM300D is fitted with wide tires in order to improve ground adherence and obtain a better performance on rough terrains. Tines are positioned by centrifugal force and float at forage cut level to collect the whole crop. Spreading and tedding: evenly moving and spreading of hay. Raking: at high working speeds you will get a soft and loose swath and a precise windrow separation. Pivoting coupling allows the machine to follow the tractor thoroughly. When this hay tedder is lifted it locks automatically on the centre position in order to avoid lateral movement. The centre dividing head provides even spreading which is necessary to avoid bunching of hay which might cause fermentation. The deflectors are adjustable to allow the turning of the hay when they are open wide. They can also be closed following working needs to obtain even and aerated windrows. The two rotors are equipped with ten flexible tines each.

  • Cat I, 3pt. hitch self centres and locks when lifted
  • teeth adjust for raking or tedding
  • 20 double teeth
  • 180 rotor rpm at 540 PTO
  • flotation tires 15x6-6 ply
  • dual wheels
HM 300D Hay Maker Tedder, 20 HP 9'-11" (3m) 7'-6" (2,3m) 726 lbs


   The Sitrex  RT Series tedders are ideal machines to spread, air and turn all types of forage in any type of terrain.Due to the number of models available and its versatility, the Sitrex RT Series tedders have been used for over 30 years in small and large farms and have been found efficient and reliable.The tedder allows a perfect and even spreading of forage.Tines pick up a small quantity of forage on every turn of the rotor and lay forage on the ground perfectly aired without damage or dirt. All models can be supplied with fix three point hitch or towing drawbar. The 4 rotors tedder with hydraulic lift system on the two outer rotors. The hydraulic version allows the operator to put the machine in working or transport position through the tractor hydraulic system.

  • 2 or 4 rotors, 6 tines per rotor
  • 3pt hitch or drawbar versions
  • slip clutch PTO
  • hydraulic folding (on RT 5800 model)
  • parking stand
  • flotation tires 16x6.50 - 8 ply
  • operating speed - 16 km/hour
RT 3000T pull type, rotary hay tedder, 15 HP 10' 8'9" 385 lbs
RT 3000P 3pt. hitch, rotary hay tedder, 25 HP 10' 8'9" 385 lbs
RT 5800H pull type, rotary hay tedder, 25 HP 19' 11' 1225 lbs

both models available in 3pt hitch or pull type versions

   The Sitrex ST Series pull type tedder with 6 rotors and hydraulic lift is the ideal machine to spread, air and turn all types of forage on all types of terrain. Obtains a perfect and even spreading of forage. All operator's controls are hydraulically carried out from the tractor cab. The tedder allows a working width of 26' and 5"- it is the answer to the growing demand of modern and efficient tedders suitable for faster work rate in large areas.  The machine is equipped with wide-angle driveline that allows an angle of 80° to turn rapidly on sharp bends during reversing.  During working the carrier for road transport is hydraulically raised over the machine.  For road transport the carrier is lowered and at the same time the outer rotors are raised to reduce the overall width and keep the unit lifted from the ground. Furthermore, the stability of the machine during working is ensured by tandem axles with balloon tires fitted underneath the center rotors. Thus, the stress is evenly distributed and the tedder follows the undulations of the ground.

ST780-H 25'-7" rotary tedder, 50 HP 26'5'' 9' 6'' 2,529 lbs


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