SICMA spading machines are specific machines for the machining of land with a high moisture content, soil that contains clay, that is heavy or with hard subsoil which makes previous treatments with tillers difficult. When using spading machine the clods are torn off leaving a porous and permeable base, thus favouring transpiration of the soil and water absorption, differently from the plough that with lifting of the clods creates a smooth and compact base that remains hidden under the tilled soil.

Model VM

   Better than a plough, it lifts the clods eliminating a compacted base.

This digging machine has been engineered specifically for tilling heavily wet soil or soils with clay or with a hard bottom layer, resulting from previous tilling with harrows. Therefore the structure of this spading machine consists of a frame assembly which combines high rigidity and the advantage of interchangeable individual spade. The sophisticated 3 speed lever-operated gear change, all of its rotary parts fitted on ball bearings with seal, its 2 or 3 hitch point, the side chain drive in oil-bath, the replaceable internal and external skids, combined together make this machine extremely flexible and easy to operate.

VM6C-145 35-50 HP 58" 7.8-11.8" 6 1102 lbs

Also available in VM6C-125(25-40 HP, 50" working width), VM6C-135(30-45 HP, 53" working width), VM8C-170(40-60 HP, 67" working width,8 blades)

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