The ABBRIATA® M50 MINIROTO mini round balers produces small cylindrical bales measuring Ø 19 1/2" H x 27 1/2" W that can be transported manually, with many interesting advantages:

  • it can be connected to small, low-power tractors.
  • it can be used in places with steep slopes and where access is limited to narrow passageways.
  • it can produce small bales that can be carried manually.
  • it can be used for harvesting green hay.


  • Tail gate with hydraulic control and mechanic lock
  • Changeable wheel-track
  • Automatic net binding device with signal horn
  • Bale chute
  • Double pick-up balancing
  • Central drawbar + longer drawbar or three points linkage
  • PTO shaft
  • Bale counter
  • Pick-up adjustable wheel
  • Pull type with pick-up side star wheels
Bale tie net
Bale size 19 1/2" x 27 1/2"
Hay bale weight 40÷55 lbs
Pick-up width 33 1/2"
Power Required 18 HP
Dim.: width x length x height 51,2 x 59 x 51,2
Dim.: (lateral drawbar) width x length x height 57,8 x 70,8 x 51,2
Weight 844 lbs
Weight (lateral drawbar) 1089 lbs


 The ABBRIATA® M60 SUPER square baler is the ideal solution for baling primarily hay through the use of lower power tractors in small farms.

This square baler has a pick-up width of 55", and the overall width of the machine in the transport set-up is 75", while the compression chamber has the same measurements (13"x17") as the M60 MINI. The comprehensive weight of the machine is approximately 2205 lbs.


  • Twine knotter
  • Pick-up jack
  • Bales counter
  • PTO shaft
  • Third wheel support 
Bale tie twine
Bale chamber 13 1/2" x 17 1/2"
Straw bale weight 28÷44 lbs
Hay bale weight 39÷62 lbs
Bale length 16"÷51"
Capacity bales/minute 3÷9
Plunger strokes/minute 90
Tractor rating for P.T.O. 20÷25 HP
Max. width of the pick-up 54"
Weight 2205 lbs
Overall Width 83"
Overall width with the side wheeel mounted behind 75"
Length 155"
Height 53"
Tyres 165/80-13 195/75-14 or 7,00/12
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