Tram-Flex Chain Link Harrows

   The Tram-Flex chain harrow is the strongest on the market and only Tram-Flex harrow that uses 5/8" (competitors use only 7/16"-1/2") high steel carbon what is the bulk and strength required to do a complete and aggressive harrowing job.

The Tram-Flex Chain Harrow is perfect for:

  • horse and cattle farmers spreading manure to help control parasites
  • preparing seed beds (can also be trailed behind disc)
  • covering seed (ideally suited for winter rye grass)
  • herbicide incorporation
  • harrowing in the fertilizers on hay fields to get faster, more vigorous re-growth
  • root raking, land leveling and landscaping with addition of 3 point lift frame

Tram-Flex Chain Harrows Advantages:

  • 1060 high carbon steel, 5/8" diameter for extended hinge joint & tooth life
  • Super strong, heavier and has longer life
  • Reversible, with 3" teeth on both sides
    • one side has the teeth angled back 15° which provides the maximum agitation and penetration and is most aggressive
    • opposite side has teeth swept back at 45° angle allowing the harrow to be used in heavy trash without plugging
  • Flexible, follows the ground contours breaking up the manure piles and spreading them evenly over the field, the sod will be opened up allowing more air and dethaching
  • Self-cleaning under most conditions because of its unique tooth arrangement
  • Harrow teeth are not symmetrical, no two teeth follow one behind the other which provides complete coverage

TF - standard harrow with 7 rows of teeth;  TF-L - longer harrow with 10 rows of teeth;  DB - drawbar

Note: we can supply our harrows with or without drawbar

TF5 / DB5 4'-4" 3 130lbs / 15 lbs
TF7 / DB7 6'-6" 5 195 lbs / 25 lbs
TF9 / DB9 8'-8" 7 255 lbs / 35 lbs
TF9-L / DB9 8'-8" 7 363 lbs / 35 lbs
TF11 / DB11 10'-10" 9 230 lbs / 50 lbs
TF11-L / DB11 10'-10" 9 454 lbs / 50 lbs
TF13 / DB13 13'-0" 11 380 lbs / 70 lbs
TF13-L / DB13 13'-0" 11 536 lbs / 70lbs
TF15 / DB15 15'-2" 13 445 lbs / 80 lbs
TF15-L / DB15 15'-2" 13 645 lbs / 80 lbs
TF17 / DB17 17'-4" 15 510 lbs / 100 lbs
TF19 / DB19 19'-6" 17 570 lbs / 120 lbs
TF22 / DB22 21'-8" 19 700 lbs / 140 lbs
TF24 / DB24 23'-10" 21 760 lbs / 160 lbs
TF26 26'-0" order two of TF13, two of DB13 and one of LDB13 below
LDB-13  lead drawbar to be used with two sets of TF13 / DB 13


Tram-Flex Harrow Cady

   We call it harrow caddy, but they are more like chain harrows on wheels. The caddy carrier swivels for narrow transport width of under 8'. It is a simple design with many advantages:

  • operates from the tractor seat
  • easy to traverse
  • no drop chains
  • low storage height
  • longer tongue for tighter turns
  • high strength tubular arms
  • hydraulic lift and manual 90° turn fold for transport
  • transport width 8' feet
  • 15" x 6 bolt wheels are standard
TF22 / 2M22 21'-8" Chain Harrow With Swivel Harrow Caddy 2600 lbs
TF24 / 2M24 23'-10" Chain Harrow With Swivel Harrow Caddy 2800 lbs
TF26 / 2M26 26'-0" Chain Harrow With Swivel Harrow Caddy 3000 lbs



Tram-Flex Harrow on McFarlane Heavy Duty Front Fold Cart

  • Hydraulic lift and fold for easy transport
  • Long hitch for easy turning
  • 4" tubular steel cantre and wing frame
  • 32' through to 40' models feature a double-trussed square tubular steel centre and wing frame
  • High steel pull tube for long life and wing wheels
   HD-120-TF22          21'-8" wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 3019 lbs
   HD-126-TF26     26' wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 3430 lbs
   HD-130-TF30         30'-4" wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 3652 lbs
   HD-130-TF30L           30'-4" wide harrow cart with 10 row chain harrow 4024 lbs
   HD-132-TF32         32'-6" wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 4426 lbs
   HD-132-TF32L           32'-6" wide harrow cart with 10 row chain harrow 4882 lbs
   HD-136-TF36           36'-10" wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 4669 lbs
   HD-136-TF36L             36'-10" wide harrow cart with 10 row chain harrow 5113 lbs
   HD-140-TF40         41'-2" wide harrow cart with 7 row chain harrow 5426 lbs
   HD-140-TF40L           41'-2" wide harrow cart with 10 row chain harrow 5918 lbs


Tram-Flex 3 Point Hitch Carrier/Harrow

     Our 3 point hitch lift frame is the most compact lift frame on the market today. Its A-frame is only 6' long and 4' to 13' wide depending on the Tram-Flex Harrow attached. This 3 point hitch lift frame with Tram-Flex chain harrow is reliable farm equipment and is often sold to golf course contractors, landscapers and small horse farms. CAT I or CAT II 3 point hitch.

M7C 3pt hitch carrier and 7' TF7 Tram-Flex Harrow 330 lbs
M9C 3pt hitch carrier and 9' TF9 Tram-Flex Harrow 410 lbs
M11C 3pt hitch carrier and 11' TF11 Tram-Flex Harrow 500 lbs
M13C 3pt hitch carrier and 13' TF13 Tram-Flex Harrow 590 lbs


Tram-Flex Estate Harrow

   The Tram-Flex Estate Harrow is used in places like home lawns, acreage lawns and driveways. The harrow saves a lot of work raking and shoveling, as it smooths and levels. It also loosens packed surfaces, including packed snow and ice. Works well along with other leveling equipment. Harrow is reversible with 3/4" long 45° angled teeth on the one side and 1/2" long 15° angled more aggressive teeth on the other side.

     Tram-Flex estate harrow ideal for: riding rings, jumping arenas, horse tracks and training facilities, small pastures, landscaping, turf management, lawn maintenance, walking trails, X-country ski trails, driveways, deer plots, moto tracks, ball diamonds, beach fronts, golf courses and many more.

EH5 5'-0" Estate Harrow with drawbar 95 lbs
EH7 6'-6" Estate Harrow with drawbar 125 lbs



3LF 3 Pt Lift Frame, Cat. I 70 lbs
WC5 Wheeld Carrier 95 lbs


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