Sitrex has been very innovative in the haying machinery industry and today is among the top quality Italian manufacturers dominating the North American market.The company specialized in hay-equipment and export is 98% of today's production. Products are exported to more than 60 countries.The company is excellent at engineering, offers new and improved products every year.The line of machines include machines from grass cutting to harvesting, raking, baling and mixer feeders.


Sitrex Basket Rake BR2030

rakes cleanly and efficiently using quick and easy controls. Farmers who want to produce high quality hay find in this type of rake the right machine, ideal for their needs. After the passage of the basket rake the hay forms a clean swath since the teeth of the basket rake pass on the stubble leaving behind all the impurities. On the field no hay remains behind because the baskets float broadly and are transported on a tandem axle. The operator can control all the rake functions from the electro-hydraulic control panel. The system is easy to use because the buttons are identified by colors and the use is therefore very intuitive. You can make adjustments very quickly and easily during work. The operator can change the speed of the basket from the control panel and adjust the rake according to his needs and working conditions.

Transport width (ft) 10’5’’
Transport lenght (ft) 25’6’’
Weight (Lbs) 6300
Maximum working width  (ft) 30’
Number of tines 518 total 37 tines per bar
Basket speed (rpm) Variable: 60 ÷ 90
Operating speed (km/h) 3 ÷ 16
Transport speed max (km/h) 32
Wheels Tandem
Tires 235/75-R15
Electrical requirement 12V DC 7 pin connector
Hydraulic requirement 2 outlets 34 l/min (9.0 US gpm)
Maximum hydraulic pressure (psi) 2450


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