MASCHIO's short disc harrows provide a strategic solution for management of surface residues and alignment of land at depths between 6 inches. Unlike conventional tillage, using disc assembly limits soil turning only to the top 6 inches, thereby ensuring an increase in organic substance on the surface. The surface residue is cut and re-mixed with the soil to create an optimal environment for the development of micro-organisms and improvement in soil fertility.


is a light disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation (up to 4 in). From working stubble on hard ground to burial of the cover-crop and refining the land after ploughing to ensure versatility all year round. Discs are arranged on 2 rows with opposing disc direction; wide spacing (3.5 in) between rows prevents any soil and crop residue clogging. Every disc has its own independent hub with super-sealed long-life bearings lubricated in oil bath; maintenance time is kept to a minimum. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with 4 rubber dampeners which absorb all vertical stresses and require no recurring greasing as alternative systems do.

  •    The work depth is adjusted by the rear roller by means of an hydraulic system managed by the operator comfortably from the cab of the tractor even during the task itself, thereby making continual variations possible;
  •    The front of the machine has a plate with a graduated scale clearly visible from the cab of the tractor that continuously indicates the depth at which the machine is working, thereby improving operator comfort;
  •     The discs are mounted on independent suspensions and are spaced by 10 inches as well as staggered over the two rows to provide a very aggressive work front that at the same time ensures optimal flow of soil and/or residue in very work condition. Disc diameter 20 inches;
  •     Cage roller is ideal for dry ground, providing good refining and surface levelling. The ø 600 mm diameter is ideal for reducing excessive clods. The limited weight reduces the rear overhang for better hook-up with lightweight tractors.
VELOCE Tractor Power (HP) Working Width (in) Transport Width (in) Working Depth (in) Nº discs Weight (lbs)
300 100-110 118 118 4 24 3670
400 140-150 157 159 4 32 4420


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