Sitrex has been very innovative in the haying machinery industry and today is among the top quality Italian manufacturers dominating the North American market.The company specialized in hay-equipment and export is 98% of today's production. Products are exported to more than 60 countries.The company is excellent at engineering, offers new and improved products every year.The line of machines include machines from grass cutting to harvesting, raking, baling and mixer feeders.

   The Sitres GSE Series belt rakes work quickly on any green or dry forage without damaging it thanks to the perfect elasticity of the tines which adhere to any type of soil permitting an excellent cleaning during the raking and moving phases. The windrow formed by this belt rake is never a long braid but rather a soft and light windrow. Exceptional performance in turning any kind of forage even at high forward speeds. All the ball bearings are watertight and require no lubrication.

  • 3 pt hitch
  • hydraulic lift
  • belt transmission
  • water-tight ball bearings
  • 13 combs, 6 teeth per comb
  • 12 km/hr max. speed
  • 1,3m wide x 2,7m long x 1,15m high (51"x106"x45")
GSE 220 side delivery belt rake, 40 HP 86" 412 lbs
GSE 240 side delivery belt rake, 40 HP 95" 415 lbs


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