Sicma Wood Chippers Manual Feed EC100
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Sicma Wood Chippers Manual Feed EC100

Eco Chipper 100's transmission is run by a system of pulleys and belts (no direct drive) and therefore no clutch is required. Driveline (EUROCARDAN series 4) is instead equiped with a freewheel for absorbing inactivity when disengaged.
The flywheel turns at 1620 r.p.m., and the hardened steel cutting blades are staggered (not aligned) for a better use of cutting power. The hopper is more inclined and allows a more efficient gravity feeding system. Through a lever, the reinforced discharge tube can be turned 360 degrees, in order to set the direction of shredded material. With a height of 1920 mm (76"), loading material into a bin or loader is easy. The flywheel has a pulley shaft. There are no welds on the Eco Chipper 100 for a seamless finish. This reduces vibration and noise. Eco Chipper 100 can be run with a minimum of 20 HP, absorbing less power than the competitive products.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, 540 rpm PTO, transmission is a system of pulleys & belts, 4 hardened steel cutting blades are staggered, reinforced discharge tube can be turned by 360ĚŠ, 5.75" x 8.25" feeding opening, 76" high tube with deflector, 28" x 28" hopper, able to shred up to 4" diameter trees

Detail Description
Model EC100
Description Eco Chipper 100 - Manual Feed
Weight 608 Lbs
Horse Power 20 HP
Wood Size 4" Diameter
Hopper Size 28" x 28"
Number of Knives 4
Flywheel 4" Diameter, 110 lbs, 1620 r.p.m.
Speed 540 r.p.m. P.T.O.

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