AgriMaster Farm Wagons Model RS150-6
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15 Ton Farm Wagon

AgriMaster Model RS, Pro Series Heavy Duty Wagons

Double reach on all models. Frames are engineered to be flexible & strong. All wagons have our quick hitch tongue as standard equipment. Tongue Spring Balancer Kit SPBK available for all models. All wagons can be ordered without tires (rims only), or different tire/rim sizes and ply ratings, enquire.

NOTE: Wagon capacity is indicative only and is the Hub and Axle maximum rating. Actual maximum capacity is to be determined by the choice of rims and tire load limit (tire pressure, speed, etc).

Standard Equipment: quick hitch compatible, tapered stainless steel, steering bearings, hardened bronze bushings, taper roller bearings, 15' wheel base

Detail Description
Model RS150-6
Description 15 Ton Farm Wagon Complete w/ 4 new rims and used 425/22.5x16" truck tires, mounted
Weight 2,810 Lbs
Nominal Capacity 30,000 Lbs
Track 86"
Pole Telescoping Extends to 89"
Steering Rod 1-1/4"
Spindles 2-3/4"
Axles (Box Tube) 8" x 4"
Wheels 18.5"x22.5" x 8 Bolt
Hub Capacity 8,000 Lbs

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