Checchi & Magli Potato Diggers SP100
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Model SP100

This machine is designed for digging potatoes or other tubers from any kind of soil, even on heavy gradient land. It is equipped with two alternately-oscillating sieves which shake dirt off of the potatoes and deposit the clean potatoes on the ground in a single row. The shaped share and front conveyor discs allow SP100 to work even around very leafy crops or in weed-infested areas.

Standard Equipment:

  • 3 pt hitch
  • 2 alternating, oscillating sieves
  • Adjustable working depth
  • Shaped share & front conveyor
  • Side discharge
  • 59" working length
  • 59" wide

Detail Description
Model SP100
Description Root Crop Digger, 25 HP
Weight 600 Lbs
Model n/a
Description PTO Shaft for SP100
Weight 22 Lbs

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