Sitrex V Rakes Model Q
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Model Q, Compact Pull Type V Rake

The 2 wheel Q Rake gives farmers the opportunity to use a machine featuring high performance in terms of both quality and quantity, combined with great simplicity of use. The machine is compact, but designed at the same time with plenty of clearance in the area through which the raked hay goes through. This gives the machine excellent operational qualities as well as manoeuvrability and stability both while working and during transport.

The sections of the raking wheels can be folded horizontally over the carriage, since there is a special hinge tilted on two axes that enables direct switching from the working position to the transport position with no need for any manual action. This arrangement also means that the overall dimensions of the machine are limited and that it can be stabilized. The arms of the rake are secured by means of tie-rods in a safe position for transport.

Standard Equipment: Adjustable pressure spring suspension, ability to rake on one side only; left or right, hydraulics, 205-75/15 tires, 


Kicker wheel kit (moves & turns unraked centre)

Hydraulic windrow width kit

Detail Description
Model QR12
Description 12 Wheel, Pull Type Rake - High Clearance, 50 HP
Weight 1,830 Lbs
Min. Transport Ht. 8'-2"
Transport Width 9'-4"
Working Width Min. / Max. 21'-8" / 25'-7"
Windrow Width Min. / Max. 3' / 6'-6"

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