Bogballe M Series
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Bogballe M Series Twin Disk Spreaders

No matter the task, there is always an M-line spreader to fulfil your needs. BOGBALLE is famous for developing simple solutions to complex matters. M-line spreaders are fitted with hopper widths of 240 or 290 cm and contents from 1.250 to 4.050 litres. We are powder painting with the sturdy “Flexi Coat” finish after a thorough 7-step cleaning of each component. The spreading system and the hopper base are made of stainless steel.

The calibration procedure can be carried out in less than 2 minutes, simply by locking one of the spreading discs. The calibration itself only takes 30 seconds. A simple calculation based on the calibration quantity shows the flow factor, after which the quantity is easily and precisely set via one single lever.

Our agitator is rotating with an eccentric movement from 12-60 rpm depending on the fertiliser density and flow characteristics. Spreading light and porous fertilisers, the agitator is automatically rotating slower and treats the material more gently. The integrated pressure equalising cone ensures an even material flow to the outlets and prevents crushing of fertiliser, as the agitator is protected from direct pressure from the hopper load above

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