Tram-Flex Chain Link Harrow Benefits
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Tram-Flex Chain Link Harrows

Made Of 1060 Hi-Carbon 5/8" Round Steel

Super Strong - Longer Life - Heavier Weight - Reversible

3" Teeth Are Provided On Both Sides

3" Teeth are angled 45° for better trash harrowing & lighter harrowing action on one side.

3" Teeth are angled 15° on the opposite side for more rigid harrowing action.

Because of its unique tooth arrangement, this harrow is self-cleaning under most conditions. Harrow teeth are not symetrical so when the harrow is woven together, no two rake teeth follow one behind the other. This provides complete coverage.

The Tram-Flex Harrow Is Ideal For:

  • Horse & cattle farmers spreading manure to help control parasites.
  • Preparing seed beds (can also be trailed behind disc).
  • Covering seed (ideally suited for winter rye grass).
  • Incorporating herbicides
  • Harrowing in fertilizer on hay fields to get a faster, more vigorous re-growth.
  • Root raking, land leveling & landscaping with addition of 3 point lift frame.

The Standard length of the Tram-Flex Harrow is 86" from the drawbar to the back of the Harrow, or 7 rows of teeth. Now available for the TF9-L, TF11-L, TF13-L and TF15-L is a longer version, 110" from front to back or 10 rows of teeth. This length of harrow is much more aggressive.

Tram-Flex Chain Link Harrow Benefits ©

We have all seen the pastures spotted with clumps of lush green grass that the cattle won't eat. They pass this lush green growth by, because that grass has grown up through the unspread manure piles and is bitter and unpalatable.

The cattle are not receiving the full benefit of all the nutrients available per acre because the farmer is not breaking up and spreading the manure piles. The unspread manure piles are an ideal breeding ground for all the flies and parasites to infect and re-infect the livestock.

Look at the many ways that $$$$$ are directly lost to the operator who has a pasture in this condition:

  • The fertilizing benefits of the manure piles are wasted.
  • The livestock do not receive the full nutrients/acres, which is available.
  • The manure piles are a perfect breeding ground for parasites.

In contrast, the well-managed pasture has grass, which is green and lush. The cattle graze every square inch evenly and the full benefit is received of the available nutrients. There will be little evidence of flies and parasites. The livestock are healthy and contented.

The difference between the two pastures, a TRAM-FLEX CHAIN HARROW. The TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrow is the strongest on the market and only TRAM-FLEX uses 5/8" high carbon steel. The competition uses 7/16" or 1/2" material, which is lacking in the bulk required to do a complete and aggressive harrowing job. The TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrows are the flexible harrows, which will follow the ground contours breaking up the manure piles and spreading them evenly over the field. The sod will be opened up allowing more air and dethatching. The benefits of the TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrow can be noticed throughout the year. It is recommended that pastures be harrowed 3 or 4 times per year and as aggressively as possible.

The TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrow is reversible wih 3" teeth on both sides. One side has the teeth angled back 15° which will provide the maximum agitation and penetration and is most aggressive. The opposite side has teeth swept back at 45° angle allowing the TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrow to be used in heavy trash without plugging, in roots and in rocks. Try this with our competitions models of chain harrows.

The TRAM-FLEX Chain Harrow is also one of the best implements you can use to incorporate those costly chemicals. It places the chemicals exactly where you want them and completely and evenly mixed. Better than any other any price.

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