Tram-Flex Harrow Caddy
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Tram-Flex Harrow Caddy

We call it a harrow caddy, but they are more like chain harrows on wheels. It is a simple design with many advantages:

  • operates from the tractor seat
  • easy to traverse
  • no drop chains
  • low storage height
  • longer tongue for tighter turns
  • high strength tubular arms.

Harrow cart features include:

  • Hydraulic lift or manual fold for easy transportation
  • Long hitch for easy turning
  • 13'-6" transport width
  • 15" x 6 bolt wheels are standard

Tram-Flex Harrow Caddy, Rugged Design / Heavy Duty Model

Model 2MU for 24' & 26' harrow widths. The carrier swivels for anarrow transport width of under 8' - c/w tires, hydraulic cylinder and hoses.

Detail Description
Model TF24/2MU24
Description 24' Wide Tram-Flex with Swivel Harrow Caddy
Weight 2,800 Lbs
Model TF26/2MU26
Description 26' Wide Tram-Flex with Swivel Harrow Caddy
Weight 3,000 Lbs
Model DBW
Description Draw Bar on Wheels. Use with 2 of any size Tram Flex Harrow and double the width. Example 1-DBW plus 2 TF24 = 48'
Weight 400 Lbs

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