McFarlane Quadra-Till
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McFarlane Quadra-Till

Quadra-Till Primary Tillage Tool - A vertical tillage residue management tool designed to be a companion to the Reel Disk.
A single pass in the fall with the Quadra-Till will leave the soil and residue in a condition that requires only a light pass with a Reel Disk in spring to prepare a seedbed and get the crop in the ground sooner.

Quadra-Till completes four functions in a single pass:

  • Size Residue - Cuts residue into small pieces for faster breakdown
  • Shatters Soil - Full width fracture of the soil to eliminate compaction layers
  • Mixes Residue - Spreads residue uniformly throughout the profile, ensuring good seed to soil contact in the spring
  • Levels the Seedbed - Eliminating the need for multiple field finishing passes

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