McFarlane Harrow Sections
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McFarlane Harrow Sections

8-Bar Harrow
No matter where you farm, or how you farm, McFarlane's 8-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow can help you do it better! It's the tillage tool that saves time and money. This model is designed for outstanding field performance. Multiple bars and close tooth spacing provide excellent leveling and superior soil-stirring action. Its flexible design prevents the 8-Bar from plugging, leaving crop residue on top while the heavy-duty tubular steel frame holds up under the most demanding conditions.

4+4 Bar Harrow
McFarlane's 4+4 Bar Harrow combines multiple bars, close teeth, and heavy-duty tube steel construction. Why? Excellent leveling. Superior soil-stirring action. Weed control. Shallow chemical incorporation. And it's perfect for poor field conditions. The flexible design and 4 + 4 configuration permit reside to pass through.

16-Bar Harrow
The 16-Bar Harrow is the ideal tool for shallow chemical incorporation - taking chemicals to the 1" - 2" depth recommended by many manufacturers. The 16-Bar provides superior coverage for total incorporation. It makes a firm seedbed for small grains such as sesame and wheat. Excellent for preparing hay ground and scattering wheat straw. The 16-Bar has also been used for incorporating broadcast seed.

8+8 Bar Harrow
McFarlane's 8+8 Bar Harrow, with its close tooth spacing doggedly levels and stirs the soil of even difficult fields. The flexible design and 8 + 8 configuration permit reside to pass through. Ideal in conjunction with drills and coulter planters, it covers exposed seeds even under excessively dry conditions.


  • Universal mounting arms fit 3" or 4" toolbars
  • Main lift arms are completely adjustable to fit any tooth spacing on the rear tool bar of the field cultivator.
  • Attached with 5/8" hex bolts
  • Replacement diamond spike teeth made of high carbon steel on 9" centres for better trash clearance
  • Front cross tube is adjustable to accomodate various harrow sizes and shovel spacing
  • 5 or 8 flexible bars to level, smooth & bust lumps
  • Sections are suspended by chains to allow full flotation and maximum flexibility
  • Reversible sections for aggressive harrowing or angled to avaoid plugging in heavt trash
  • Adjustable pull height keeps all five bars in the soil
  • Superior performance on all vertical & horizontal flat-fold field cultivators

Detail Description
Model FH500-5H
Description 3'-9" HD 5-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 87 Lbs
Model FH600-5H
Description 4'-5" HD 5-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 110 Lbs
Model FH700-5H
Description 5'-3" HD 5-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 122 Lbs
Model FH800-5H
Description 6'-0" HD 5-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 135 Lbs
Model FH900-5H
Description 6'-9" HD 5-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 184 Lbs
Model FH500-8
Description 3'-9" 8-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 136 Lbs
Model FH600-8
Description 4'-5" 8-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 153 Lbs
Model FH700-8
Description 5'-3" 8-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 170 Lbs
Model FH800-8
Description 6'-0" 8-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 187 Lbs
Model FH900-8
Description 6'-9" 8-Bar Flexible Harrow Section
Weight 204 Lbs

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