WDL Rear Fold Harrows
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McFarlane 16 Bar Harrows - WDL Rear Fold

No matter where you farm, or how you farm, McFarlane's flexible spike tooth harrow can help you do it better! It's the tillage tool that saves time and money. Multiple bars and close tooth spacing provide excellent leveling and superior soil-stirring action. Its flexible design prevents the harrow from plugging, leaving crop residue on top while the heavy-duty steel frame holds up under the most demanding conditions.

Seedbed Preparation: Prepare fields for planting in a single pass The McFarlane harrow's superior soil stirring action leaves a smooth, level and firm seedbed ideal for planting.

Poor Field Conditions: When it's too wet, the flexible spike tooth harrows aerate and dry the soil. When it's too dry the harrow helps seal in the moisture.

Chemical Incorporation: The McFarlane harrow is ideal for the type of shallow chemical incorporation recommended by most herbicide manufacturers. Weed Control: Weeds can be controlled at emergence without herbicide. During harrowing, weeds are uprooted and die, while crops reassert themselves without the competition.

Conservation Tillage: Plugging is not a problem with these harrows because of its flexible design. Residue is left on top of the ground. By standards, harrows leave 70 - 90% residue on corn ground and 60 - 80 % residue in soybeans.

No-Till: In no-till applications, the McFarlane harrow is the ideal tool to follow drills and coulter planters. The harrow provides excellent seed-to-soil contact. This covers exposed seed, even under the most difficult filed conditions.

McFarlane WDL Rear-Fold Harrows

Standard Equipment: 16 harrow bars for superior leveling, ideal when teamed behind a field cultivator or disc, fully flexible, 20 teeth per foot for excellent coverage, high-carbon replaceable diamond teeth, two positive pitch teeth settings - 50" or reverse harrow pull at 38", single hydraulic circuit both raises and fols harrow for transport, long hitch for easy turning, harrow sections (cylinders, plumbing to hitch, wheel rims & hydraulic steering), hydraulic transport axle package WD-2800, auto fold standard, tires included, flotation tires optional, highway DOT tires available.


  • Horse Power Requirement is approximately 2.75 to 6 HP / Foot (Depending on soil type,moisture & conditions)
  • 8+8 harrow sections available in lieu of 16 Bar Sections at Extra Cost. Use For Heavy Trash
  • Conditions.Enquire for cost and availability
  • Cart is also available with 8-bar or 12-bar sections


Options for WDL Harrows:

  • WDL flotation tire kit, 14L x 16" (in lieu of standard)
  • Highway DOT tire kit 8/14L

Detail Description
Model WDL-2060-16
Description 60' HD Rear Fold Cart 16-Bar Harrow Sections.
Weight 10,927 Lbs
Model WDL-2070-16
Description 70' HD Rear Fold Cart 16-Bar Harrow Sections.
Weight 13,100 Lbs
Model WDL-2080-16
Description 80' HD Rear Fold Cart 16-Bar Harrow Sections.
Weight 14,184 Lbs

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