Maschio Power Harrows for 80 to 180 HP Tractors - DM
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Maschio Model DM

Designed for stoney soils or very heavy soils and deep tilling.

Standard Equipment: 540/1000 rpm PTO gearbox, 3 pt hitch (CAT II), cage roller, swinging front hitches, PTO shaft with slip clutch, rear roller pin adjustment, rear PTO, quick blade release, 2 blades per rotor, rear levelling bar with mechanical central adjuster installed on the roller.

PTO with slip clutch - Hitch will off-set - adjustable depth control by rear roller - Cat II 3pt - For tractors with 540 or 1000 rpm PTO - Front self leveling hitch - Swinging side plates

Detail Description
Model DM3000
Description 119" Working Width, 121" Total Width, w/cage roller.. 24 Blades. 120 - 180 HP
Weight 2,743 Lbs
Model DM3500
Description 138" Working Width, 140" Total Width, w/cage roller. 28 Blades. 130 - 180 HP
Weight 3,047 Lbs
Model DM4000
Description 158" Working Width, 160" Total Width, w/cage roller. 32 Blades. 140 - 180 HP
Weight 3,334 Lbs

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