Maschio Rotary Tillers For 20 to 60 HP Tractors
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Maschio Model NC

These tillers, for medium-sized farms, are very successful thanks to their great reliability and low maintenance requirements. With gearbox and 540 rpm PTO.

Standard Equipment:

  • CAT I & II, 3 pt hitch
  • 4 Speed gearbox
  • Side chain drive in oil bath
  • PTO shaft with clutch
  • Adjustable front bar connections
  • 6 blades per flange (side blades are mounted inwards)
  • Central mechanic roller adjuster

Note: European model is shown, guards are special order in North America

Detail Description
Model NC130
Description 50" HD Rotary Tiller 30-50 HP
Weight 668 Lbs
Model NC155
Description 62" HD Rotary Tiller 46-60 HP
Weight 741 Lbs
Model NC180
Description 72" HD Rotary Tiler 50-70 HP
Weight 816 Lbs
Model NC180(CR)
Description With Cage Roller

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