Maschio Rotary Tillers for 50 to 80 HP Tractors - U
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Maschio Model U

Model U, suitable for medium power tractors, is one of the most tested and reliable. This model maintains some of the characteristics common to the success of the Maschio rotary tiller; side gear drive, particularly sturdy frame and gearbox with 4 gears designed by Maschio.

Standard Equipment:  3 pt hitch (Cat I & II), 4 speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO, side gear drive in oil-bath, PTO shaft with slip clutch, 6 "L" blades per flange, front hitch will offset

Detail Description
Model U180
Description 73" HD Rotary Tiller, 50-80 HP
Weight 1,014 lbs
Model U205
Description 83" HD Rotary Tiller, 60-80 HP
Weight 1,102 lbs
Model U230
Description 92" HD Rotary Tiller, 70-80 HP
Weight 1,221 Lbs

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