Maschio Rotary Tillers for 45 to 60 HP Tractors - A
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Maschio Model A


Model A is a rotary tiller that is well-suited for use with tractors that require relatively light implements; it is particularly recommended for tilling soil for the more demanding crops, in vineyards and orchards. With the accessories that are available, it is suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, single speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO, rotor revolutions (rpm)-208, PTO shaft with slip clutch, side chain in oil bath, offset front bar hitches, 6 blades per flange

Detail Description
Model A160
Description 65" HD Rotary Tiller, 45-60 HP
Weight 630 lbs
Model A180
Description 73" HD Rotary Tiller, 50-60 HP
Weight 684 lbs

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