Small 3 Pt Hitch Equipment

Hawkline Landscape Implements Grader Blade

Hawkline Model GB - Grader Blade

HawkLine medium duty Grader Blades are ideal for many applications including: driveway maintenance, snow removal, dirt and gravel spreading, and more!

Standard Equipment: Cat I quick hitch compatible, 16" moldboard w/ 6" heat-treated, beveled & reversible cutting blade, forward and reverse blade angle adjustment, 360 degree blade rotation with 5 settings-index plate adjustment, angle & offset capabilities on HD models

Hawkline Soil Preparation Implements Pulverizer

Hawkline Model Pulverizer

HawkLine's Pulverizer can crush through the most compacted soils that are like cement. This unit has many uses including breaking ground for gardens and preparing gravel driveways for new rock. Great one-step preparation for food plots.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, reversible, staggered bar cutting teeth, steel studded rollers, long-lasting, UV resistant powder coat paint

Hawkline Soil Preparation Implements Single & Double Bottom Plows

Hawkline Model XP - Single & Double Bottom Plows

HawkLine's Plows are available in single or double bottom units. These plows are ideal for jobs requiring deep tilling.

Standard Equipment: Cat I hitch pins, heavy duty frame, replaceable teeth, optional coulter available, long-lasting, UV resistant powder coat paint

Hawkline Soil Preparation Implements Disc Harrow

Hawkline Model D - Disc Harrow

HawkLine's Tillage Disc is built for working small plots of land, such as gardens and wildlife food plots. The combination of notched and smooth discs easily break up hard ground and prepare it for planting.

Standard Equipment: Cat I quick hitch compatible, heavy duty square steel tube box frame design, heavy duty weld angle frame, adjustable disc gangs (adjust depth and angle), cast iron bearings, notched front discs & smooth rear discs, long-lasting, UV resistant powder coat paint

Hawkline Hay Moving Implements Bucket Bale Spear

Hawkline Model BS-Bucket - Bucket Bale Spear

Hawkline's Bale Spears and carriers can serve all your bale moving needs form the heaviest to lightest. Capable of lifting bales up to 2500 lbs.

Standard Equipment: mounts to most bucket loaders with a single bolt, heat treated welded spear and stabilizer spikes, long-lasting UV resistant powder coat paint

Hawkline Lifting Implements Carry All

Hawkline Model CA-LD - Medium Duty Carry All

Carry Alls are a great companion for you moving needs. A variety of platforms can be constructed for your moving needs. Medium Duty has a 400 lbs capacity.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, pre-punched legs for easy platform attachment, long-lasting UV resistant powder coat paint

Hawkline Lifting Implements Boom Pole

Hawkline Model SBP - Square Boom Pole

HawkLine's Boom Pole is a great tool for farmers and ranchers. It can assist with loading, lifting and pulling.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3pt hitch, built with strong square tubing, long-lasting UV resistant powder coat paint

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