Land Leveler & Rotor Rake

Reist Landscaper Model P

Model P, Landscaper

The Reist Landscaper does five steps in one pass. The work of a clod-breaker/pulverizer-conditioner, landscape rake/harrow and box grader.
The Landscaper is perfect for Golf Course Builders, Commercial Landscapers, Public Works Departments, Industrial Warehouse Construction, or anyone who needs to grade, till and pulverize/condition a soil, or gravel surface. The Landscaper can be used to "finish" an entire site. A well graded, tilled and pulverized seed-bed is the first step towards a beautiful, healthy, trouble free lawn. The patterned wheel guides the unit and leaves a hatched surface perfect for sod plugs or hydroseeding. The Landscaper is available in widths of 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96".

The Landscaper has a heavy duty steel construction and 5/8" thick pulverizer bars last longer and resists warping. This unit can handle heavy use. The 3/4" wear plate/leveling blade resists warping and chipping. 1-1/2" Reel Bearings last longer. The hardened steel harrow teeth removes stones and debris, yet resists bending and breaking. The "seeder drive", was developed through a low maintenance lug type drive system.

Standard Equipment:

  • CAT I & II mounting pins
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2" reel bearings
  • Heavy duty bolt-on serrated leveling blade
  • 5/8" thick pulverizer bars
  • 3/4" wear plate/leveling blade

Optional smooth leveling blade is available in lieu of serrated blade - No charge.

Add these options at any time. Ripper teeth designed to accept std 8" stroke cylinder. Ripping depth to 5" below serrated cutting edge


  • Rear brush
  • 2" ripper teeth w/adjustable depth bar
  • Grass seeder box
  • Ripper cylinder 2"x8", less hoses
  • Harrow cylinder (special 5" stroke), less hoses
  • Hose kit w/pioneer ends fits all hyd. cylinders

Reist Roto Rake Model RR72

Model RR72, Roto Rake

RotoRake's bi-directional 2-speed rotor allows for operation in both directions. Features a 25 degree angle and 28 degree tilt for ease in swaling and ditching. Oscillating gauge wheels lock in level position for the 3 point hitch use. Dual motor design delivers 40% more power and elimination of outside bearings and chains. RotoRake also features a floating rotor design, increased durability with carbide teeth, ditch cutters and side shields. RotoRake can be used on a 3 point hitch or skid steer hitch systems.


  • Pulverize soil
  • Remove debris
  • Finish grading
  • Tilling
  • Windrowing
  • Swale making
  • Spreading fill or soil
  • Trail grooming & maintenance
  • Dethatching
  • Seeding
  • Scarifies frozen surface
  • Equestrian maintenance

Standard Equipment:

  • 3 pt hitch
  • Bi-directional 2 speed rotor
  • Floating rotor
  • Dual motor design
  • 25̊ angle & 28̊ tilt
  • Locking oscillating gauge wheels
  • 80" overall width
  • 72" working width
  • Drum torque at 2,500 psi 550 ft-lbs
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