Potato / Vegetable Equipment

Checchi & Magli Potato Planters & Cultivators F300L

Model F300L

This semi-automatic planter is driven by it's own driving wheels, and has been designed for seeding potatoes and other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut. High planting output per hour, working method saving costs, and exceptional working precision make this machine an excellant implement for mechanised potato planting. In fact it adjusts the seeding depth, seeding frequency, and the distance between rows. The F300L uses a 3 point hitch, and requires 20 to 40 HP.

The F300L potato planter, available in one to four-row models, is equipped with a large alveolar plate for high working speed and with two rounded discs on each working element which cover the planted tubers. Driving group with rapid clutch gearing to be used to change the seeding distance from 16cm up to 35cm (6" to 14")


Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, semi-automatic, 2 rounded discs cover the planted tuber, seeding distance is adjustable from 6" to 14", 53" working length

Also available in 3 row & 4 row models



Micro Granular

Row Markers

Checchi & Magli Potato Planters & Cultivators VR76

Model VR76

The cultivator (vibroridger) VR76 is suitable for cultivating the soil, ridging, furrowing as well as hoeing row crops such as potatoes, corn, tobacco, sunflower, celery, sugar beet and cotton. All parts are independant of each other and easily moved on the frame. This allows for working in variously spaced rows and at the required depth.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, adjustable distance between rows - min. 17" to max. 35", adjustable working depth, height adjustable support wheel, vibrating, flexible springs, 20" diameter discs, 53" working length, 5 to 10 km.hr working speed

Also available in 3 row & 4 row models

Checchi & Magli Potato Diggers SP50V

Model SP50V

The reduced size and the practicalness of this machine, make it ideal for digging potatoes and other tubers also in small pieces of grounds, and it is especially efficient on sandy soils. This machine, after a preliminary separation of soil from the potatotoes, conveys the products to a sieve, which separates them by shaking. This system is especially recommended for digging out new potatoes. The SP 50V uses a 3 point hitch.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 pt hitch, discs & vibrating share, sieve, rear discharge, 63" working length, 29" wide

Checchi & Magli Potato Diggers SP100

Model SP100

This machine is designed for digging potatoes or other tubers from any kind of soil, even on heavy gradient land. It is equipped with two alternately-oscillating sieves which shake dirt off of the potatoes and deposit the clean potatoes on the ground in a single row. The shaped share and front conveyor discs allow SP100 to work even around very leafy crops or in weed-infested areas.

Standard Equipment: cat I 3 pt hitch, 2 alternating, oscillating sieves, adjustable working depth, shaped share & front conveyor, side discharge, 59" working length, 59" wide

Checchi & Magli Potato Vegetable Transplanter

Model Fox

This semi-automatic transplanter has been specifically designed for transplanting vegetables, flowers, and nursery seedlings with bare roots or peat-balled roots with a conical or cubical shape.

Fox guarantees uniform transplanting depth, perfectly upright positioning, constant distance between rows and between plants on the row and optimum ridging.

The Fox is driven by its rear ridging wheels, and uses a 3 point hitch. It is equipped with a gripper-type distribution system which allows the user to change the distance between plants on the row according to the type of distributor.

10-grippers 9" - 31" (23 - 80 cm) Standard
15-grippers 7" - 21" (18 - 55 cm) Special
20-grippers 5" - 15" (13 - 40 cm) Master

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, semi-automatic, driven by ridging wheels, gripper-type distribution system, 59" length


  • Micro granular
  • Fertilizer
  • 300L water tank
  • Water device

Spedo Potato Planters & Cultivators - Mini Potato Planter

The Spedo Mini Potato Planter
The Automatic Potato Planter is a compact machine designed for small plots of land or terracing mountain. An adjustable coulter forms a furrow while a chain with cups settles the tuber to the desired depth. The planting distance (4 measures) can be changed easily and fast, by means of pinions. The 2 adjustable discs, allow to obtain a variable coverage.

Standard Equipment: Cat I 3 point hitch, automatic, 10 HP, 50kg (110lb) capacity, 29.5" wide x 35.5" long x 43 high

Spedo Potato Planters & Cultivators Model SPA

Model SPA

Built according to the needs of medium and large companies, it allows a high quality seeding in very short time. The strong frame structure makes it possible to use it on impervious grounds without damaging the machine.
The seeding element with tilted tuber guiding channel makes it possible to seed also on medium-slope hills.
The conveyor band is equipped with buckets having a shap that is suitable for laying tubers with sizes ranging from 30mm to 50mm (1" to 2"). For tubers smaller than 30mm (1"), a PVC reduction cup is available.
The mechanical wheeled vibrator located behind the conveyor band allows a constant vibration that can be adjusted by means of the buckets, thus avoiding the loading of more tubers.
The two filling discs, having a diameter of 460mm (18") can be adjusted in various positions and make it possible to obtain a variable filling.
As as alternative, for particular needs (ground with stones or not well cleaned), the potato seeder is supplied with floating listers equipped with a spring.
Seed potatoes and other tubers or whole or cut bulbs. The distance between rows can be adjusted and the seeding clearance can be changed from 17 to 45 cm by means of a series of gears supplied with the machine.

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, automatic planter, can plant 1" to 2" tubers, adjustable 18" diameter discs, adjustable row width, adjustable seed distance, 67" working length

Spedo Model SPA Options

Model SPA Options


  • Special hopper grill
  • Fertilizer distributor (Picture 1)
  • Micro distributor (Picture 2)
  • Ridger kit (Picture 3)
  • PVC reduction kit
  • Row marker (manual or hydraulic)

Spedo Potato Planters & Cultivators Model TPA

Model TPA-VRD, Vibro-Ridger

Seed potatoes and other tubers or whole or cut bulbs. The distance between rows can be adjusted and the seeding clearance can be changed from 17 to 45 cm by means of a series of gears supplied with the machine.

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, 83" working length

Spedo Model TPA-VRD, Vibro-Ridger Options

Model TPA-VRD, Vibro-Ridger Options


  • Fertilizer distributor
  • PTO shaft for fertilizer distributor
  • Wheels for depth control

Spedo Potato Diggers Model CPP-T

Model CPP-T

Model CPP is a semi-towed potato digger with rear unloading that can be mounted on small tractors with 3 point hitch and PTO.
This machine is made up of a vibrating digging plowshare with adjustable digging depth that conveys the potatos and the earth onto a vibrating sieve grid that separates the potatoes from the dirt then depositing them in a single row.
On all points exposed to vibrations there are anti-vibrating rubber bushes that allow the machine stability while working. Its reduced dimensions make it possible to use this machine on small ground plots, both planes and hills, and make it suitable for digging new potatoes.

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, rear unloading, vibrating digging plowshare with adjustable digging depth, vibrating sieve grid, anti-vibrating rubber bushings, 35" wide with 19" share

Spedo Potato Diggers Model CPP-BD

Model CPP-BD

The CPP-BD-150 is a potato digger with rear unloading that can be mounted on tractors with 3 point hitch and PTO.

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, rear unloading, digging plowshare with interchangeable blades, conveyor band, rear vibrating sieve, anti-vibrating rubber bushings


Central band on conveyor belt, 51" (1.3 m)

Rear shaker

Spedo Potato Diggers Model Junior

Model SRPA-1/J (Junior)

The elevator potato digger Junior has been designed to pick early and very delicate potatoes. The potato digger pick-up consists of a system comprising of 3-blade share, a swinging feeler roller for adjusting the digging depth and grass-cutting discs. The elevator-sieving belt is large (24") with intercalated bars to avoid rolling and peeling. The selection platform consists of a large belt (33") divided on the lateral sides by 2 plates to allow sorting of potatoes. In the centre of the belt the tubers and dug up material (dirt, stones, leaves, etc) are conveyed. The personnel, positioned on either side of the table, manually sort the potatoes and transfer them to the lateral sides of the belt. The picked product is conveyed into containers (bags, crates, boxes) placed on special supports located to the rear of the machine. The belts are hydraulically driven.

Standard Equipment: towed machine, 3 blade share, adjustable digging depth, 24" elevator-sieving belt, 33" belt on sorting platform, hydraulically driven belts, potatoes are conveyed into boxes, crates or bags, 87" overall width, 173" to 208" length, 63" high


Holder for boxes & sacks

Attachment for crates

Hanger for large boxes

Hydraulic hanger for larger boxes

Sunshade (canopy)

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