Checchi & Magli Potato Vegetable Transplanter
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Model Fox

This semi-automatic transplanter has been specifically designed for transplanting vegetables, flowers, and nursery seedlings with bare roots or peat-balled roots with a conical or cubical shape.

Fox guarantees uniform transplanting depth, perfectly upright positioning, constant distance between rows and between plants on the row and optimum ridging.

The Fox is driven by its rear ridging wheels, and uses a 3 point hitch. It is equipped with a gripper-type distribution system which allows the user to change the distance between plants on the row according to the type of distributor.

10-grippers 9" - 31" (23 - 80 cm) Standard
15-grippers 7" - 21" (18 - 55 cm) Special
20-grippers 5" - 15" (13 - 40 cm) Master

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, semi-automatic, driven by ridging wheels, gripper-type distribution system, 59" length


  • Micro granular
  • Fertilizer
  • 300L water tank
  • Water device

Detail Description
Model Fox-1 Std
Description 1 Row Transplanter, 39" Wide, 20 HP
Weight 330 Lbs
Model Fox-2 Std
Description 2 Row Transplanter, 59" Wide, 25 HP
Weight 551 Lbs
Model Fox-3 Std
Description 3 Row Transplanter, 98" Wide, 30 HP
Weight 793 Lbs
Model Fox-4 Std
Description 4 Row Transplanter, 118" Wide, 40 HP
Weight 1,124 Lbs

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