Spedo Potato Diggers Model Junior
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Model SRPA-1/J (Junior)

The elevator potato digger Junior has been designed to pick early and very delicate potatoes. The potato digger pick-up consists of a system comprising of 3-blade share, a swinging feeler roller for adjusting the digging depth and grass-cutting discs. The elevator-sieving belt is large (24") with intercalated bars to avoid rolling and peeling. The selection platform consists of a large belt (33") divided on the lateral sides by 2 plates to allow sorting of potatoes. In the centre of the belt the tubers and dug up material (dirt, stones, leaves, etc) are conveyed. The personnel, positioned on either side of the table, manually sort the potatoes and transfer them to the lateral sides of the belt. The picked product is conveyed into containers (bags, crates, boxes) placed on special supports located to the rear of the machine. The belts are hydraulically driven.

Standard Equipment:

  • Towed machine
  • 3 blade share
  • Adjustable digging depth
  • 24" elevator-sieving belt
  • 33" belt on sorting platform
  • Hydraulically driven belts
  • Potatoes are conveyed into boxes, crates or bags
  • 87" overall width
  • 173" to 208" length
  • 63" high


  • Holder for boxes & sacks
  • Attachment for crates
  • Hanger for large boxes
  • Hydraulic hanger for larger boxes
  • Sunshade (canopy)

Detail Description
Model SRPA-1/J
Description "Junior" Potato Digger (Basic), 40-80 HP
Weight 1,855 Lbs

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