Cosmo Pull Type Fertilizer Spreader Model PTB
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Cosmo Model PTB

These fertilizer spreaders can be pulled behind a tractor or an ATV. The great spreading precision, wide tires, and low hieght hopper make them perfect for gardening or golf courses. The pull type can be used be easily used by everybody. The tires are connected to the distributor ensuring that the spreading velocity is directly proportional to the speed at which the machine is going. The remote control opening system is standard on all PTB models. All models can be supplied with an adjustable height mechanism to remain parallel to the tractor or ATV.

Standard Equipment: Pull type, single disc spreading, steel hopper, 1 7/8" coupler, 20x10-8" tires, spread width 16m (52')

Optional salt & sand kit available

Detail Description
Model PTB430
Description 320L Spreader, 11.2 cu ft, 882 Lb Approx. Capacity
Weight 300 Lbs
Model PTB560
Description 400L Spreader, 14.1 cu ft, 1,058 Lb Approx. Capacity
Weight 306 Lbs

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