Agrex 3 Pt Hitch Fertilizer Spreaders Model XL
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Agrex Model XL

Available with plastic hopper and stainless steel bottom. Reduced overall dimensions. Complete range of accessories on request.

Standard Equipment: 3 pt hitch, poly hopper (formed from one piece), stainless steel metering, single disk spreader, spin spreader, manual quantity control, PTO shaft, standard filtering grid, spread width 6m to 18m (19.5' to 59'), 1.14m high x 1.23m wide (45" x 48")

Options for Model XL:

  • Salt and sand deflector kit
  • Single side conveyor
  • Agitator
  • Mechanical remote control


Detail Description
Model XL500
Description Poly Hopper Spin Spreader, Stainless Steel Metering 350 Litre / 13.2 BU. Max. Capacity Approx. 1,325 Lbs. 12.3 cu ft
Weight 140 Lbs

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