Sitrex Rotary Tillers For 12 to 50 HP Tractors
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Sitrex Model RH2

The RH2 is a rotary tiller of small dimensions, recommended for hobby farmers and small farms, suitable for orchards, vegetable crops and gardening. Engineered, designed and built to match compact tractors of 12 - 25 HP.

Standard Equipment:

  • CAT I, 3 pt hitch
  • Side chain drive in oil-bath
  • 4 curved bladesper flange
  • Will offset 11"
  • Digs to a depth of 5"
  • PTO standard with shear pin (slip clutch optional)
  • Blue or green paint only.

Detail Description
Model RH2-105
Description 42" Working Width, 46" Total Width. 20 Blades. 12-20 HP
Weight 348 Lbs
Model RH2-125
Description 50" Working Width, 54" Total Width. 40 Blades. 15-25 HP
Weight 373 Lbs

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